Clock Hands

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does anyone know what a split pin is?

It's those pins with a round head and two legs which you push through paper and then pull the legs up so that you can...well whatever you're pinning will be able to move. Like if you're making a paper clock for class, and the type of pin you use to allow the clock hands to move. Thanks for any answers :)

Best Answer...


they are called brass fasteners or brass paper fasteners. They are brass and you push it thru the paper and on the other side its like a clasp and you spread the two "legs" apart side to side and it holds the paper together. And yes. It's what you would put a clock together with. I just looked them up under Staples, the store, and Office depot. That is the name. Brass fasteners. I hope this is what you want to know.