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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I transfer photos from my computer to a digital photo frame?

I have a small digital photo frame which has a few pictures on it already. They are on a SanDisk which is plugged into it. How do I put more photos from my computer onto the SanDisk to show on the Digi photo frame.
I took the SanDisk out of photo frame & put into one of the computer ports, but still cant find out how to transfer the photos to it.
There were 5 photos on the SanDisk & I have another 11 that I wanted to add to it..
Any help appreciated.

Best Answer...


plug the sandisk into the computer a window should pop up giving you access to the contents, you can then drag and drop the new photos onto it.

If this is not happening click on "computer" in the windows menu. Does anything appear there that looks like your sandisk ? if so then just click on it.

If neither of the above is happening for you then maybe the slot on your pc cannot read sandisks in which case you need to get a card reader (only cheap on ebay etc)