Replacement Clock

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Searching for clock features?

I am looking to replace a worn out clock. I just dont know the name of certain features. For example:

I like clocks with JUMBO size digits, for the time. I prefer the digits, themselves, to be illuminated. Red, Green, or blue color would be fine.

What I dont want is one of those displays where, in order to see the time, I would have to push a button, which would only light up one small corner of the display.

I just dont know the "official" term, for continually-illuminated digits.

What kind of display is it called, when back-lighted information, such as day/date, temperature, etc are also illuminated by back-lights, and lit up 24 hours per day?

I want to learn the correct words/terms to use, in searching for a replacement clock. Any suggestions?

Best Answer...


Alarm clock.