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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can this knife handle wood carving?

OK, I want the Spyderco Endura Wave, but I'm also looking to start carving wood as a beginner. My question is : Can the Spyderco Endura Wave handle the carving of wood, and, if not, which stylish foldable knife can?

Best Answer...


I used to do a bit of carving.
I suggest that for carving you get a Frost's or Mora knife with the birch handle and under a 3 inch blade length. They are fixed blade knives and usually are fairly cheap.

I have a Spiderco Endura without the fancy wave hook on it.
The handle is not comfortable for wood carving at all, but it would be a strong enough blade for sure.

I am not a big fan of folders for serious carving, but I can understand wanting a pocket knife that can do that.

I have tried a lot of them myself.

I always end up using fixed blades with traditional Frosts/Mora as the preferred ones.
A lot like #120 on this page
but with a 3 inch blade.

If I was choosing a folder for carving I would likely look at a Gerber with the 3 inch blade or Puma.
I found the handles as much more comfortable than spiderco's as spiderco was over Buck.
(to me the Buck folder felt far to square edged)

I had one folder that I did like by Boker, but they no longer make it.