Drill Point

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I have to drill a hole to use self tapping screws?

I am trying to fit a roller blind into the uPVC window frame (cannot fix to wall or roof due to electrical wiring). I have read that I should use self tapping screws to affix to plastic but am not sure what these are or how they work! Do I need to drill into the plastic first? If so, can anyone advise a sensible drill bit size and type? If not, how do the screws work?

Best Answer...


All of your answers are somewhat right, and somewhat wrong. The statement (self tapping screws) means that the screws will cut their own threads in the material. You don't have to pre-thread the hole. You should have the proper size hole drilled before trying to insert screws.

There are some screws that have a drill point to make the hole before the threads start, but they are hard to find.