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How does one determine what mm a particular film is?

I have a really old hand crank movie projector and I'm trying to look for some film for it. I have a few reels but I'm not sure what to measure to find out what mm film it is. Do you measure how wide the film itself is or the image on the film? Thanks for the help.

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There are really only three movie film sizes used by the public...Regular 8mm, Super-8, and 16mm. Regular 8mm and Super-8 movies look similar once the film is developed, except that Super-8 has bigger image frames and smaller sprocket holes. 16mm film will usually have sprocket holes on both sides of the film.

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By the way, you CAN still buy 8mm and 16mm movie film today. You have to order it online, but it isn't that hard to get. In fact, it's kind of making a comeback. There are also plenty of labs where you can send movie film to get it developed. (again, you just have to look online). So if you really wanted to, you could look for an 8mm or Super-8 movie camera on eBay or in an antique shop, order some film, and shoot some new movies to watch on your projector!