Slag Glass

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I need replacement curved slag glass panels for antique tiffany type lamps.?

I am looking to find a person/business that can reproduce curved slag glass panels for antique lamps. The color is mostly a carmel slag. I am also looking for someone in the stained glass field that could cut slag glass panels that are flat. Hopefully looking for someone in the Florida area. I have duplicate panels that the person/business could use for a pattern.

Best Answer...


HI. I typed in stained glass Florida and a lot of companies came up. Though they should all be able to do it ... Not sure what town you are in- but Sarasota actually has a stained glass school, I am sure they have many contacts and can direct you to someone who does exactly what you want. Or maybe they'll take on your project as a class project....
Good Luck
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