Dip Pen

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Want to buy drawing supplies from Japan at a USAdistributor store any links?

I'm learning cartooning and a bit o amane drawing/coloring. So I want to but a brand called Deleter.
Of drawing dip pens and nibs and other kool supplies. But I don't want to order directly from Japan because it takes for ever to get shipped. Do you know of an online store located in the USA? I want to buy this stuff soon as posable,any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Aspiring Artist.

Best Answer...


DJ Dany gee,

I don't know all of the supplies carried by these art suppliers, but you can do a search for your pens on these websites. If you don't find it, ask if they have something similar, or will order them for you. Often these suppliers have their own versions of artist's materials.