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Frequently Asked Questions...

How long were you in the hospital after your C-section?

I'm having a C-section in February b/c of a birth defect that my baby has. I'm having it done in a German hospital (I'm Army stationed over here). I have heard that German hospitals keep patients longer for C-sections than American ones. How long are the stays usually? I have heard different things.

Best Answer...


4 days... one particular doctor I want to hit, tried to make me go home on the 3rd day- my worst day of all of them... and he said he had signed the release papers- screwing up everything... I told him i wasn't ready to go yet because it was my worst day, but he kept saying I need to go home. So the nurses were awesome, and they said, hunny, you take as long as you need- and you get 4 days, so if you need that, then stay. I did :) This was a hospital in Ohio, USA... so not sure about the German ones. Take as long as you need- it's very painful!


P.S.- another tip- roll the white hospital blanket up in a line, and use that to put pressure on your incision.... especially when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or even walk! That helped me so much!
they will make you get up and out of bed soon after- it's good for you, so push yourself to do it... however, have them help you get out of bed- I also had one nurse who didn't bother helping me out, so I had to ask her to help.